Department of computer Science and Engineering

About Course

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, is one of the leading academic and research departments in India. We offer undergraduate program in computer science and engineering (B.E CSE). Our undergraduate programs aim to educate students for the diverse features they will face in day to day work environment and Life.

Our Scope

We aim to educate a well-rounded individual able to contribute much more than a narrow technical expertise. We look at students coming out of our college far too much emphasized on various programming languages and advanced “technologies”. Whatever the future holds, you will be well served by knowing the basic theory of computer sciences.

Our graduate programs are research based, thriving on the broad range of active project conducted by faculty members in the Department. Key strengths include computer vision, Artificial intelligence, computer networks, theoretical computer science, database systems, and software engineering. With qualified and experienced faculty and under graduate students the Department fosters a dynamic project research environment.