A separate hostel for Boys and Girls are provided in the college campus. Students have newspapers and magazines to read and TV to entertain themselves. Purified water is supplied for drinking and cooking purpose.


  • Well Spaced Hostel rooms are provided to long distance students along with tables, chairs, shelves and cot. The clear environment which regulates the students to bring them back to the home effect. So that they never miss their home anymore.
  • Seperate rooms allocated to students with tidy corridor and students daily needs such as individual toilet, hot water facility and 24hrs medical support.
  • Hot tasty food served for students by the hostel mess team. Seperate seating arrangements for veg and non-veg consumers. There is a variety of food prepared as per the students suggestions.
  • Mineral water is available 24X7 to all the students. The purification techinque is checked and cleaned weekly which keeps students away from diseases and flu.


  • Tidiness represent the room in here. Students can enjoy the environment of home in the hostel. The fresh air makes the students to have a clear mind and body set.
  • Study timings are carried out daily which helps the students to revise the day's lesson and grow their knowledge.
  • Staffs guide the students in the study hall. The calmness influence students to study and read the lessons in degree the need to be at.
  • Leisure time. . . Yipee! Relaxment and enjoyment at the place they abode. The television with the home theatre speakers to have uninterrupted video and audio fun.
  • Indoor games such as carrom board, chess and ludo is played here for relaxation to make them feel comfortable. Outdoor games such as badmition, shuttle cock, etc are also played.
  • Students can update their current knowledge and wisdom with the world's current affairs. There are various language papers and books available in the reading hall.
  • Students can always stay connected with their parents and family through the telecom service available in hostel.