1. No students shall absent himself from the institution without prior permission of class advisor.
  2. The students should secure an attendance of not less than 90% of the working days in each semester of the course. The students will be allowed to attend the University Examination, if they secure the minimum percentage of attendance.
  3. Any students indulges in eve-teasing or Non-social activities, strikes, etc., will be sent out from the college immediately without any prior notice by issuing TC.
  4. The students must behave decently to all teaching staff and all others.
  5. Students should attend the class tests and model examinations without fail.
  6. Internal marks are based on the tests, assignments, attendance, as per Anna University Norms.
  7. If the performance of the students in the class test or in the model examinations is found to be poor and not satisfactory, he will not be permitted to attend the university examinations.
  8. All the students should pay the institution fees, hostel fees, etc., in the stipulated time without fail. Otherwise they will not be permitted to attend the class.
  9. For a pass in University Examinations a student must secure a minimum 50% mark in theory, practical and drawing subjects.
  10. Students should attend class in uniforms on all the working days.
  11. The monthly progress reports sent from Pallavan College Of Engineering should be returned to the class advisors duly signed by their parents within a week time.
  12. All students should maintain discipline during travelling in the bus and also in all places
  13. Hostel students must strictly follow hostel procedure and specific instruction issued separately then and there by the principal/deputy warden.
  14. Class rooms and institution must be kept neat and clean at all time. Classes will be conducted 6 days in a week from Monday to Saturday except second Saturday.
  15. Fees once paid will not be returned on any account.